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Graze 8 Snack Subscription Box- Mystery Box Review

I have reviewed an item from Graze before the 4 Count Sampler Box. This box is the 8 Snack Box that you get if you subscribe to Graze. Once again this box can be customized to your preferences and ordered as often as you want. Lets check out the first layer of snacks:

Top right: Fantastic Forest Fruits

Calories: 80 Fat:0 Sugars:17g Protein: less then 1g


My review: This snack is fruity and sweet. If you like berries and apples then this snack is for you.

Top Left: Snickerdoodle Dip- with Cinnamon Pretzel Sticks

Calories:60 Fat:7g Sugars:5g Protein:2g

Allergies:wheat and soybeans

My Review: I love snickerdoodle cookies so the cinnamon pretzel sticks with the dip was a great combo.

Bottom Right:Grilled Cheese Crunch

Calories:150 Fat:11g Sugars:less then 1g Protein:5g

Allergies:milk, tree nuts, soybeans and wheat.

My Review: The title is not a lie it tastes just like a grilled cheese sandwich!

Bottom Left:Natural Vanilla Seeds

Calories:170 Fat:12g Sugars:8g Protein:5g


My Review: I like pumpkin and sunflower seeds and iced in vanilla they taste even better.

Layer 2

Top Left: Jelly Doughnut

Calories:120 Fat:4.5g Sugars:14g Protein:2g

Allergies: tree nuts, milk, eggs and wheat

Review: I enjoyed everything, the raspberry strings, cranberries, and vanilla cookies. I do think the almonds didn't really add anything though.

Top Right: The Cheese Board

Calories:110 Fat:7g Sugars:less than 1 Protein:5

Allergies: milk,tree nuts and wheat

Review: I love cheese so having a snack full of cheese flavored things is heaven!

Bottom Left: Peanut butter and Jelly

Calories:220 Fat:14g Sugars:12g Protein:7g

Allergies:peanuts,milk, and soybeans

Review: This tastes just like it says a raspberry PB and Jelly sandwich, yum!

Bottom Right:Anytime Energizer

Calories:150 Fat:7g Sugars:11g Protein:2g

Allergies:Tree nuts

Review: I did not care for the dried cherries or pears but the walnuts were ok.

Overall Review

Considering, I only didn't care for the last one I would say this box was a success. If you would like 8 snacks delivered to your door on your schedule then check out the Graze Box.

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