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Graze Box Dec. 2018-Mystery box Review

Once again, we continue to explore the snacks Graze Box delivers. If you have missed my previous Graze Box reviews, Graze Box is a snack subscription box where you can decide how often you get your snacks(from every week to every month). Let's see what Graze has in store this time.

Tier 1

Top Left- Protein Peanut Butter Dipper

Calories: 130 Fat:8g Sugars:1g Protein: 5g

My Review: The peanut butter is good but the pretzels are very bland.

Top Right- Original Protein Flapjack

Calories: 260 Fat:15g Sugars:13g Protein:8g

My Review: These flapjacks are simple, sweet, and chewy.

Bottom Left- Raspberry and Coconut Muffin

Calories: 140 Fat: 9g Sugars:11g Protein: 3g

My Review: I like the raspberries and the cookie bits but I didn't care for the plain almonds and coconut pieces.

Bottom Right-Cinnamon Pretzel

Calories:120 Fat:6g Sugars:5g Protein:4g

My Review: The pretzels and cinnamon almonds were great.

Tier 2(Sorry I forgot to take a picture before I ate them)

Top Left- Vitamin E Defense

Calories: 190 Fat:13g Sugars:12g Protein:5g

My Review: I liked the cranberries but didn't care for the raw nuts or raisins.

Top Right- Cinnamon Apple Pie

Calories:160 Fat:9g Sugars:15g Protein:3g

My Review: I loved the yogurt covered raisins and dried apple pieces, but I didn't like the raw almonds.

Bottom Left- Sweet Memphis Barbecue

Calories:190 Fat:10g Sugars:2g Protein:7g

My review: If you want a snack with a slight kick to it but not too spicy this is the snack for you.

Bottom Left- Cookies and Cream

Calories:210 Fat:13g Sugars:11g Protein:4g

My Review: This is one of the best snacks I had so far from Graze. I love cookies and cream and this delivered just that.

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