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Grimms Fairy Tale Classics- Anime Review

I think almost everyone knows at least a few tales from Grimm. From Hansel and Gretel to Red Riding Hood to Snow White who hasn't heard of at least one. What I didn't know was there was an anime series that showcases many of Grimm's tales, made in 1987 to 1989. Since this anime is an anthology series there won't be a plot summary.


This is one of the few anime I saw that can be seen by all ages. The fairy tales mostly have happy endings, which are expected. While there are common fairy tales in this collection there are also the ones I never heard of like the Wolf and Fox, Hare and the Hedgehog, and Godfather Death. The animation is fairly old as it was made in the 80s, but it has its charm. If you love fairy tales then this is not a collection to skip.

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