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Hal- Anime Review

Hal is perfect movie for The Month of Love as it is a story on what happens after you lose the one you love and how to recover from such a horrid loss. I discovered this unknown flick by searching for anime movies on the net and watching some out of boredom. This movie is also short at only 1hr.

The Plot

Kurumi has withdrawn herself from the world after the death of Hal the man she loved due to a plane accident. She refuses to go outside rarely eats locks herself in her room. In order to help her a scientist sends her an android that looks just like her lost love.

The android Hal has to try to make Kurumi see that life is still worth living while Kurumi is to show him how life works. Hal finds an rubix cube that Kurumi wrote her wishes on and in order to make her happy he decides to solve the cube to grant her wishes.

My Review

This movie packs a lot into the 1hr run time, You get to see both sides of Hal's and Kurumi's relationship and see an interesting futuristic world where human like robots exist. I find the rubix cube lure interesting on how if you write your wish on the sides and shuffle the puzzle only when you solve the sides is your wish granted. If you have a hr to kill and want to see an interesting world with a tragic romance then give Hal a watch. I rate this movie an 7/10.

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