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Halloween Pinball- Switch eShop Review

What is Halloween without cheap pinball cash in games? On the Switch where you can get Super Mario Party and Pokemon Let's Go Eevee for $60, each why not pay $2 for a holiday cash in game of pinball? Let's see if the price is truly worth it.


It is Pinball you press the R and L button to use the flippers and pull back on the joy stick to launch the plunger. You can also use a button to shake the pinball machine, but I find it doesn't work.

My Review

I played this for about 5 min then, I got bored and quit. It is simply 1 basic Pinball table with a Halloween theme and that is it. I find shaking the machine glitches up the R and L buttons, so you can't hit the ball when it comes back down. If you want to waste 2 bucks on pinball I'd recommend playing a real pinball machine.

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