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Handmade Etsy Cat Mystery Box- Mystery Box Review

Today(April 17th) is my Cat's Sanders 7th Birthday! To celebrate I'll be reviewing 3 mystery boxes and this is the first one! I got this mystery box off of Etsy from a seller who creates handmade cat toys. According to the seller this bag contains 4-6 toys, and a tote bag or a blanket all handmade. I'm looking forward to seeing how this will impress me and the Cat Critics(Sanders and Luna).

The seller's listing stated 4-6 toys, but I got 10 and a tote bag. Let's see how the cats enjoy these fleece kitty toys.

Sanders: *rubs against one for a min but then walks off*

Luna:*sniffs hers for a min then ignores it*


I guess these guys aren't craft lovers, but I'll gladly keep the tote bag, and I know cat owners whose cats may enjoy these toys so while mine didn't love them I don't regret buying this. If you think your cats may like soft fleece toys then get this mystery box.

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