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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets- GameCube Review

We now go back to the Magical World of Harry Potter for the second year of Hogwarts. I also find this year to be fitting to review for Fall due to magic, witchcraft, and monsters. Let's take a look at Harry's return to Hogwarts.


Despite Dobby's warning, Harry returns to Hogwarts to another year filled with adventure and danger. He discovers the school's dark past and the events are repeating themselves when the Chamber of Secrets is opened.


You are Harry as he confronts his 2nd year, from going to classes, to learning spells and collecting items like the Wizard Cards. You can as if the previous year, explore the castle freely and do things at your own pace. To learn spells, you must complete the classroom challenge and use those spells to enter more areas of the game and complete story events.


I liked this game as much as the first Harry Potter GameCube game. Unfortunately, couldn't find all of the wizard cards in the game unlike the last time. I probably could if I used a guide or walk through, but I try not to resort to that. The last 2 bosses were kind of difficult to figure out how to beat them, but that's to be expected. The magical world still shines through and the Quidditch matches are even better not to mention you get to play against all 3 houses this time. Despite the ups and downs, this is a great game to have if you're a Harry Potter fan.

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