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Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows- Book Review

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the final book in the Harry Potter Saga. This final book is the most tragic and full of death of the previous books due to an all out battle at Hogwarts. It's now time for the plot!

Harry and his friends Ron and Hermione have decided to skip their last year of Hogwarts, not to play hooky but to save the world. To do that, Harry must find the Horcruxes that are pieces of Voldemort's soul. Harry already has 2 down (the ring and the diary) and knows one is a locket due to locket he and Dumbledore risked their lives to get last year. The other remaining Horcruxes are a complete mystery on where and what they may be. Will Harry and friends be able to defeat Lord Voldemort once and for all?

It's now for the last time for the movie vs book comparison!

Deathly Hallows Part 1

1. Dudley's big redemption where he thanks Harry for saving his life from the dementors is cut from the movie.

2. The wizards that are to take the Dursleys to where it'll be safe are never shown.

3. Snape sits on Voldemort's next to him on right side at the table in the book, but in the movie he is on the left side with a Death Eater in between Snape and Voldemort.

4. Charity Burbage was floating above the table during the entire meeting in the book but, in the movie she was brought over the table when Voldemort mentions her.

5. Harry pulls his own hair out in the book, but in the movie Hermione does.

6. On top of the Harry Potter clothing there was also stuffed toy owls in cages for each Harry Potter double in the book, but in the movie there is only the clothing.

7. Harry and Hagrid never went into the muggle highway traffic in the book, only in the movie was this done.

8. Harry disarming a cursed Stan Shunpike, instead, of stunning him revealed who the real Harry was in the book, in the movie it was Hedwig who flew in front of a killing curse to protect Harry.(I like this change as it makes Hedwig's final act protecting Harry, instead, of being killed by a killing curse while in her cage in the bike's side car

9. Hagrid and Harry arrived at Tonk's parent's place and then arrived at The Burrow by portkey in the book, but in the movie they arrived directly at The Burrow.

10. Ron caught Harry and Ginny kissing in the book but in the movie it was George.

11. Harry was in disguise to look like a Weasley in the book so no one would blab where Harry is, but in the movie he is just as himself.

12. When Kingsley reported, that the Ministry has fallen his patronus was a lynx in the book, but in the movie it was just a glowing ball of bluish light.

13. Hermione apparates Harry and Ron to Tottenham Court Road in the book, but in the movie it is Shaftesbury Ave.

14. Harry celebrated his birthday before the wedding in the book, but in the movie Hermione brings up they were going to celebrate after the wedding.

15. Sirius's bedroom was decorated in red and gold in support of Gryffindor in the book, but in the movie it was grey and green.

16. The scene where the Death Eaters check the train to find Harry and his friends was added for the movie.

17. The Magic is Might statue at the Ministry of Magic in the book was made of black stone, and had the naked muggles holding up thrones of a witch and a wizard, in the book, but in the movie the stone is white, and they are holding up what looks like a tombstone that reads" Magic is Might" and they aren't naked.

18. Most pictures in the Daily Prophet don't move in the movie.

19. In the book, when Harry, Ron and Hermione are getting people to change into they only stash one body in a hiding place and send the other 2 home with illnesses from eating puking pastilles and nosebleed nougats, in the book, bur in the movie they stash all 3 victims in a hiding place.

20. The Mudblood pamphlets had a rose being strangled by a weed on the front in the book, but in the movie it is just text on a pink background with red and black.

21. Harry and his friends get loads of muggle-borns out of the Ministry of Magic with Mrs. Cattermole in the book, but in the movie it's only Mrs. Cattermole.

22. The tent that Harry and his friends stay at is the one they used at the Quiddich World Cup in the book, but in the movie it is completely different.

23. Harry, Ron, and Hermione know from the start that Horcruxes can't be destroyed by normal means and must be damaged beyond magical repair but in the movie they fire spells at it in an attempt to destroy it.

24. Harry finds out about Snape being Headmaster from the Daily Prophet while at Grimmauld Place in the book, but in the movie it's from the radio.

25. Harry and Hermione used both Polyjuice potion, and the invisibility cloak to go to Godric's Hollow in the book, but in the movie they do neither.

26. One scene I like is where the snake and Harry crash into a baby boy's bedroom next door in Bahilda Bagshot's house. (it was only in the movie, but I liked that not to mention where Hermione finds out what happened to Bahilda a scene straight from a horror movie).

27. The pond where Harry gets the sword was just too deep for him to stand as he could feel the blade with his feet in the book, but in the movie it was much deeper, and he had to swim to the bottom.

28. Ron had to Apperate twice to find Harry and Hermonie in the book but in the movie the first time was to the Forest of Dean.

29. Mr. Lovegood sent an owl to the Death Eaters to notify them of Harry's arrival in the book, but in the movie he just uses the Voldemort name taboo to get them to come.

30. The Lovegood house was blasted apart by the Erumpent horn that was knocked over in the book, in the movie the Death Eaters sent many spells and curses at it until it was destroyed.

31. Gellert Grindelwald refused to tell Voldemort where the Elder Wand was in the book and was killed for it, but in the movie he told Voldemort it was in Dumbledore's tomb and was spared.

32. The Malfoy's dungeon celler had Luna, Dean Thomas, Griphook the goblin and Mr. Ollivander in the book, in the movie Dean Thomas is missing.

33. Wormtail fights Harry and Ron and tries to strangle Harry but lets go when Harry mentions he saved his life, unfortunately, in doing, so the silver hand strangles Worntail and kills him in the book, but in the movie he is stunned by Dobby who uses a wand.(Wormtails death while not the most important is a pretty sizable plot point and it's a shame it was cut from the movie).

34. The Chandler was dropped by Dobby and it fell on Hermonie(who was unconious at the time) as Bellatrix just dropped her under it when it fell in the book, but in the movie Hermione was conscious and got away.

35. Dobby's last words where only "Harry Potter" in the book but in the movie he says" Harry Potter.....such a beautiful place to be with friends... Dobby is happy to be with his friend Harry Potter."

36. When Dobby dies, Ron and Hermonie were inside Shell Cottage already in the book, but in the movie they just sat there watching Dobby die.(so in the book Ron left Harry and the dying elf on the beach or as in the movie they just sit there, instead, of seeing if they could help.

37. Dumbledore's tomb was by the lake, at the edge of the forest and by Hogwarts in the book, but in the movie it was on an island in the middle of the lake.

Part 2

38. Dobby's tombstone was a large white stone in the book, in the movie it was a grey stone.

39. Ollivander when asked about the Deathly Hallows doesn't know about them but knows about the Elder Wand as he is a wand maker and it is the most well known for it's bloody history in the book, but in the movie he lies about knowing about the Elder Wand and has heard of the Deathly Hallows but that they are just "old wives tales".

40. When Harry talks to Griphook, about the plans to break in to Gringotts he is never specific on when Griphook will get the sword in the book, but in the movie he said "get us in the vault and the sword is yours".

41. Griphook and the cursed goblin get the clankers from the main bank lobby probably so not just anyone can get them in the book, but in the movie there is just a box of them near where the dragon is.

42. Bellatrix's vault was armed with both flagrante curses and gemino curses so if anyone touched the objects they would get burned, and the items would multiply in the book, but in the movie only the gemino curse is shown.

43. It was Harry's idea to get on the dragon to escape Gringotts in the book, in the movie it was Hermonie's.

44. Ariana's favorite brother was Aberforth who could get her to calm down when even her mother couldn't in the book, but in the movie Aberforth said Albus was the favorite and she was devoted to him.

45. The scene where Harry goes to Ravenclaw tower to find out more about the diadem and stuns the Carrows was cut from the movie.

46. Ron and Hermonie's first kiss happens after they reunite with Harry after destroying the horcrux in the book, but in the movie they kiss in the Chamber of SSecretsright after they destroy the cup.

47. Crabbe used ffiendfyreto burn Harry and his friends in the Room of Requirement and dies from it in the book, in the movie Goyle used Fiendfyre and died from it. (This was done in the movie did to the actor of Crabbe getting arrested for growing and selling cannibis in his mother's home)

48. Snape was murdered by Voldemort's snake in the Shrieking Shack in the book, but in the movie it is a boat house and Voldemort slashes Snape's throat and Nagini finishes him off.

49. George's death was witnessed by Ron, Harry and Hermione after which Ron wanted revenge in the book, but in the movie the first time you see him dead is in the Great Hall.

50. Remus's son Teddy Lupin's birth was celebrated in the Shell Cottage and it was mentioned his godfather is Harry in the book, in the movie there is no mention of Teddy until Harry talks to Remus using the Resurrection Stone.

51. During when Harry is seeing Snape's past Lily ignores James and Sirius at the Gryffindor table after being sorted due to them being jerks to Snape on the train in the book, but in the movie she is happily introduced to James.

52. Severus Snape when begs Dumbledore to hide Lily only mentions to hide her until Dumbledore says he is selfish to only want her life spared so Snape asks to hide them all in the book, but in the movie he only asks to hide them all from Voldemort.

53. Harry wears his invisibility cloak and walks down alone not telling anyone that he going to let Voldemort kill him in the book, but in the movie he tells Ron and Hermione and that he is the final Horcrux.

54. During Harry's "party" he wakes up naked and only until he thinks of having clothing he does in the book, but in the movie he wakes up already clothed.

55. Dumbledore's robes were midnight blue during the white King's Cross station scene in the book, but in the movie they are light bluish grey and white.

56. Neville when he confronts Voldemort, Voldemort puts the sorting hat on fire and puts it on Neville's head who then is able to pull the sword out in the book, in the movie Neville just pulls out the sword from the hat.

57. The Malofy's stick around until the end unable to truly take sides in the book, in the movie they run off before he is defeated.

58. The final battle between Harry and Voldemort was fought in The Entrance Hall in the book, but in the movie it was outside the castle.

59. Voldemort's body was put off to a side hallway by the Great Hall but in the movie he flakes off into nothing.

60. Harry uses the Elder Wand to repair his broken wand and then puts it back in Dumbledore's grave in the book, but in the movie he snaps it in half and tosses it off the bridge to the castle.

I loved how the Harry Potter series ended I will say despite all the changes and while I like the book a bit more I still love the movie. The series ended amazingly that I expected no less from Harry Potter. I hope you all enjoyed my reviews of the Harry Potter books and movies but there is more to come before I end my Harry Potter Marathon. Stay tuned for the DS games, treats, butterbeer, and mystery boxes!

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