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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince- Book Review

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is the 6th installment to the Harry Potter Saga. The Wizard War has fully started, and deaths will continue to happen in this book and the final 7th book. It is time once again for the plot:

The world is slowly going into chaos now that Voldemort and his Death Eaters are out in the open committing murders, destroying bridges, and even more disappearances. Harry on the other hand only had to suffer with the Dursleys for only a fortnight until Dumbledore picked him up to run an errand. The errand in question is to persuade Horace Slughorn who likes to "collect" famous wizards out of retirement to go back and teach potions. Harry easily gets Slughorn to return and off he goes to spend the rest of the summer with his friends, whom he tells that he is the one fated to kill Voldemort.

Harry's return to school comes with more security, more guards and even more lessons as Dumbledore decides he needs to prepare Harry for his eventual battle with Voldemort. The preparation includes seeing into Voldemort's dark and horrific past, and putting together how exactly Voldemort survived after his fatal attempt to kill Harry all those years ago.

Despite the tightened security, students are once again in danger of being cursed and poisoned due to a person attempting to murder someone. Who is doing the thoughtless killing attempts, who is their target and why?

Now for the book and movie comparison:

1. The meetings between the Prime Minister and the Minister of Magic were cut from the movie.

2. Dumbledore picks up Harry from the Dursleys where he tells Harry what he inherited from Sirius, in the book, but in the movie Harry is eyeing a waitress at a cafe in at a train station where Dumbledore picks him up from.(The cafe scene is the scene I hate the most from all Harry Potter movies, it is completely pointless and replaces a scene that had important info- like Harry Inheriting Grimmland Pl, and the elf Kreacher not to mention it'd be interesting to see the Dursley's meet Dumbledore- all for a scene where Harry is eyeing a waitress he doesn't know when later-like 10 min later- he is in love with Ginny making him seem like a guy who is just into cute girls-end rant)

3. Mrs. Weasley was expecting Harry to come over just not until later in the book, but in the movie she didn't know he was coming at all.

4. Harry and his friends had to sneak out of Weasley's Wizard Wheezes in the invisibility cloak due to the fact they had to go to Diagon Alley with Hagrid guarding them in the book, but in the movie they just walk out of the shop as if it was nothing.

5. Draco snuck off away from his mom to go to Borgin and Burkes in the book, but in the movie she is with him.

6. Fenrir Greyback was in Borgin and Burkes with the Malfoys in the movie, but in the book he was just talked about as a threat to Mr. Borgin.

7. Ginny's Pygmy puff Arnold was purple in the book but in the movie he is pink.

8. Slughorn did not have a Slug Club party on the train in the movie.

9. It was Tonks that found Harry invisible and frozen on the floor of the train compartment after Draco attacked him in the book, but in the movie Luna found him.

10. Harry and Ron were given their potion books from Slughorn in the book, but in the movie they fought over them from the school cupboard.

11. The memory on the Gaunt's arrest, and the memory of Tom Riddle's mom selling the locket to Borgin and Burkes is not in the movie.

12. The scenes of Draco fixing the vanishing cabinet were added for the movie.

13. Harry was avoiding Slughorn in the book until he was told to get the memory in the book, but in the movie he went out of his way to get Slughorn's attention as Dumbledore asked him to.

14. After Katie was cursed Harry accused Draco of giving her the necklace as Draco went to the shop where it was purchased in the book, but in the movie Harry only says "I just know".

15. There is no Weasley is our king song in the Quidditch game from the Gryffindors.

16. Hermione only asks "How does it feel when you see Dean with Ginny?" to Harry in the movie.

17. Mr. Weasley doesn't know about the vanishing cabinet in the book, but in the movie he even sent an agent to Borgin and Burkes to find out what Draco is up to proving it is the vanishing cabinet.

18. The Death Eaters coming to the burrow and burning it down was invented for the movie, even though in the book the burrow is full of enchanted spells preventing such attack.

19. The scene where the Minister of Magic tries to get Harry to support the Ministry is cut out of the movie.

20. Ron ate the love potion infused chocolates thinking they were his birthday gift-as it happened on his birthday- in the book, but in the movie he just saw them in the dorm room and ate them.

21. Lavender Brown gets upset at Harry for not telling her about Ron after the hospital wing visit when Ron was poisoned in the book, but in the movie she rushed in to the hospital wing during the visit and runs off crying when Ron says Hermione's name in his sleep.

22. The Quiddich match where McCormic hit a bludger to Harry's head and lost the team the match was cut out of the book.

23. When Harry went, and hid the potion's book after attacking Draco he went alone in the book, but in the movie Ginny went with him, and she hid it.

24. Harry's first kiss with Ginny was after the final match Quiddich game when they won the Quiddich Cup in the book, but in the movie it is when they hide Harry's potion book.

25. Professor Slughorn gets magicail plant leaves from Professor Sprout for his classes in the book, but in the movie he is sneaking around stealing leaves to fill his pocket when Harry finds him on his way to Hagrid's.

26. Professor Slughorn steals Aragog's venom when Hagrid isn't looking in the book, but in the movie he asks for permission to take the venom.

27. The story of Francis the fish that was given to Slughorn by Lily Potter was made up for the movie.

28. The memories of Tom Riddle's trophy hunting did not appear in the movie.

29. Dumbledore stated Voldemort would not put parts of his soul into any object only objects that held value to Voldemort in the book, but in the movie he stated horcruxes can be in even common place objects.

30. The ring belonged in Voldemort's grandfather in the book but in the movie Dumbledore states it belonged to Voldemort's mother(in the book it was the locket that belonged to her).

31. Dumbledore when leaving with Harry goes to Hogsmade to apparate to the cave in the book, but in the movie he just appariting from Hogwarts stating he can because he is a headmaster.

32. Dumbledore places Harry under a full body bind spell when the Death Eaters arrive to kill him in the book, but in the movie he just instructs Harry to stay out of sight.

33. Dumbledore's funeral was cut out of the movie.

I will say that upon rereading and re-watching the movie that this movie has more drastic things changed and made up stories than any of the previous movies so far. It may have similar numbers of things cut out or changed, but some of the changes made like the beginning cafe scene didn't need to exist at all. I still like the movie and love the book its just kind of annoying when major changes happen. Look forward to the Final book in the Harry Potter Saga, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows!

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