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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix- Book Review

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is the 5th and in my opinion one of the saddest of the Harry Potter saga. This is book is my least favorite book(not that I hate it, I love all the Harry Potter books it's just the least favorite of the 7) due to the fact one of my favorite characters dies in it and Harry is mostly a high tempered, jerk with angst. Once again, for the plot:

Harry after hearing hardly any news from his friends gets frustrated, and tries to listen to the muggle news, from under the window, for any hint of news stating Voldemort, might be up to something. Unfortunately, his plan backfires, so Harry goes to let off some steam on his cousin Dudley, when 2 dementors attack. After fending them off, Harry finds he is in trouble with the new for protecting himself and his cousin and has to go to a hearing. The Order of the Phoenix(a secret society made of people against Voldemort's return to power) picks up Harry to headquarters where he awaits his fate in the hearing.

Once Harry is cleared of all charges he celebrates with the Order members including Sirius, his godfather. He is excited to go to Hogwarts at first as he loved all the previous years but due to the Minister and the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher Ms. Umbridge, Hogwarts just isn't as fun anymore. Between Harry's strange dreams, the tyrant Ms. Umbridge, and new decrees, Harry gets fed up with it all and starts the D.A. to fight back against Voldemort and possibly the ministry itself. Will Dumbledore's Army be enough to help fight back against Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters?

It's time once again for Book vs Movie!(SPOILERS!)

1. The movie skips Harry sneaking and listening to the news under his uncle's window and getting caught when Mundungus skips out on his guard duty to buy stolen items.

2. Dudley confronts Harry on Cedric alone in the book, but in the movie his gang is with him.

3. Harry told the Dursley's what happened to Dudley after the dementor attack in the book but in the movie the Dursley's just take him to hospital.

4. The Order members pick up Harry from his aunt and uncles after sending a fake letter on a lawn competition to get the Dursley's out of the house in the book, but in the movie it is when the Dursley's take Dudley to the hospital after the dementor attack.

5. Harry and his friends couldn't hear the Order meeting due to the door having a spell on it in the book, but in the movie Crookshanks steals the extendable ear they were using.

6. The lies told by the ministry on Harry being a liar was hidden in articles in the book, but in the movie it was on the front page.

7. The hearing taking place in front of the entire court was a surprise in the book, in the movie Harry was told beforehand by the Order.

8. The movie skipped the Headquarters cleaning(not that it was important but for one thing about a locket being tossed).

9. This is not about how the movie differs from the book but how it differs from the 3rd movie :Sirius's black's dog design was changed from a black German Shepherd to a Black Deerhound like dog.(Speaking of Fitwick's design was changed from his 1st year design to a black haired design in year 4)

10. Moody showed Harry the original Order of The Phoenix picture in the book, in the movie Sirius did.

11. Harry seeing Voldemort on the train platform was only in the movie.

12. Hermione and Ron being Prefects is not in the movie.

13. Harry getting covered in stinksap from Neville's plant in front of Cho Chang was erased from the movie. (who doesn't want to see Harry covered in purple goo? Lol)

14. The letter to Sirius Harry sent was different in the movie from the book.

15. Harry's detentions lasted a week in the book and made him unable to see the Quidditch tryouts, but in the movie it seems to last a day.

16. Hagrid tells Harry and his class on the thestrals in the book but in the movie Luna is the one who tells Harry.

17. There is no Quiddich, and no Weasley is our King in the movie. Ron winning the Quidditch Cup and Harry and the twins being banned from Quidditch also doesn't exist in the movie only the book.

18. There is a total of 28 decrees (6 made during Ms. Umbridge's reign) in the book but in the movie there is at least 38 total.

19. Harry and his friends meet at the Hog's Head before decree 24 (where groups were still legal) in the book, but in the movie it is after that decree making the Hog's Head gathering itself illegal.

20. Dobby tells Harry about the Room of Requirement(but of course he is again missing from the movies) in the book, but in the movie Neville found the room and Hermione explained about it.

21. Snape starts occlumency lessons after the Winter Holiday's in the book, but in the movie he starts right after Harry's vision of Arthur Weasley being attacked.

22. The trip to St. Mungos was erased from the movie, which was shame as it revealed the truth on Neville's parents and what became of Lockhart after his memory was erased.

23. Hagrid telling Harry, Ron and Hermonie about visiting the giants was interupted by Umbridge coming in the book, but in the movie Umbridge comes before they visit Hagrid.

24. Harry giving the quibber interview during the Hogsmade Valentines Day Trip where Harry failed his date with Cho is not in the movie.

25. Cho's friend Marietta told Ms. Umbridge on the D.A. in the book but in the movie it was Cho Chang herself.

26. When Hagrid introduces Grawp, only Harry and Hermonie are with him in the book but in the movie all 3 friends meet Grawp.

27. Harry sees into Snape's past by the pensieve in the book, but in the movie Harry saw his father torturing Snape after using a shield charm.

28. Hagrid and Mcgonagall were both attacked in the dead of night while Harry was taking his astronomy exam, in the book but this was removed from the movie.

29. Harry sees his vision of Sirius in the middle of his History of Magic exam in the book, but in the movie it is during Fred and George's flight from Hogwarts.

30. Harry breaks into Ms. Umbridge's office to check to see if Sirius is at headquarters using the floo network in the book, but in the movie he tries to use her office floo network to go directly to the Ministry of Magic not even considering his vision might have been fake.

31. Snape tells Ms. Umbridge that he is out of veritaserum as she used the last on Harry(to ask him where Sirius Back is) in the book, but in the movie she used the last on Cho Chang for the D.A. interrogation

32. Hermione brings Ms. Umbridge to the Forbidden Forest knowing the centaurs might not like her and attack her but, in the movie she tries to bring Umbridge to Grawp.

33. Firenze never replaced Professor Trelawney in Divination in the movie.

34. The only rooms shown in the movie is the Hall of Prophecy, and the Death Chamber (that contains the archway), in the books there is many other rooms.

35. Harry heard the prophecy from Dumbledore in the book, but in the movie he hears it from the prophecy itself.

36. When Harry is attacking Bellatrix, after killing Sirius it is Belltrix that tells Harry he needs to mean the unforgivable curses in the book, but in the movie it is Voldemort that tells him.

37. The Order did not meet to talk to Harry's aunt and uncle at King's Cross station at the end.

The book and movie are both good even with the changes between them as usual. I still get teary eyed when Sirius dies, but I still like the book and movie. Stay tuned for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!

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