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Harry Potter London Haul

I recently went to London for both the Studio Tour, Platform 9 3/4s shop at Kings Cross and House of Minalima(gallery and store of the art designer of the films). These are the items I bought on my trip, enjoy.

Platform 9 3/4s pin(bottom left)- Got this because I wanted proof I went to Kings Cross no idea if sold elsewhere but it might be.(Kings Cross Store)

Order of the Phoenix pin(bottom left 2nd over)- I just love the pin design of this one.(Studio Tour)

Hedwig and Pig set(middle back)- A set of 2 iconic owls I gave Pig to mom as the only other Hedwigs were puppets.(Studio Tour)

Platform 9 3/4s ticket(Middle top)- A ticket that resembles the one from the movies. I think it'd make a good bookmark.(Kings Cross Store)

Minalima pin(bottom left 3rd over)- A pin to prove I went to the House of Minalima.(House of Minalima)

Butterbeer bottle opener keychain and pin(bottom middle)- I just love the butterbeer cap design and I needed a bottle opener for glass bottle sodas so why not?(Studio Tour)

Hogwarts crest pin set(bottom middle)- A neat set of the Hogswarts crest and house crests.(Studio Tour)

Ravenclaw mini scarf(top right)- I got this for my Hedwig plush as I'm a Ravenclaw according to Pottermore.(Build a Bear Workshop)

Ravenclaw Hat(bottom right)- One can never have too many winter hats in MN so I got this one.(Studio Tour)

Ravenclaw mask(right)- I neat face mask for the current times, I also got a chocolate frog one.(Studio Tour)

Harry Potter Studio Tour T-Shirt

Hogwarts Christmas Jumper(Studio Tour Christmas exclusive)

Butterbeer(bottom left)- Can't go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour without a butterbeer!(Studio Tour)

Chocolate Frog Cardboard edition(left)- Designed to look just like the films with a huge solid chocolate frog and wizard card inside

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Minalima Illustrated Edition(Top left)- I figured if I was going to buy the series again for the Minalima editions I might as well get the UK version instead of the US Sorcerer's Stone.(House of Minalima)

Harry Potter Studio Tour Passport(top middle)- A Passport given to everyone who attends the Studio Tour. I collected all the stamps given throughout the tour.(Studio Tour)

Harry Potter Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans(Bottom Middle)- Designed to look like the film version as well. I just wish there was EVERY FLAVOR possible in these things considering Jelly Belly probably has every flavor possible.(Studio Tour)

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Minalima Illustrated Edition(Top Right)- This one was just released recently so I had to pick it up when I got the first year. I never got a first print of any Harry Potter book before so this book is pretty cool to me.(House of Minalima)

Chocolate Frog Tin(Bottom Right)- This tin is more spendy, but comes with 5 Wizard cards instead of one and the tin will last longer.(Studio Tour)

I bought all of these with my own money and was not paid to get them. I only bought what I wanted(and could afford). Just thought people might want to see what I got from London.

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