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Harry Potter Mystery Minis- Mystery Box Review

Funko, the makers of the popular Pop figures made not only 1 but 3 series of Harry Potter Mystery Minis. In the picture above the series are ordered with 1 on the left, series 2 in the middle, and series 3(the current series) on the right. Each series has it's own different figures and each series had exclusives from Target or Barnes and Noble. I debated a while on how many from each series to open and I figured 3 is a good number to review and see if there are any duplicates in out of 3 boxes as some figures have an odds of 1/6 chance of getting. Let's open series 1 now!

Series 1: As you can see I got Harry Potter(odds 1/12), Ron Weasley(odds 1/12), and Draco Malfoy(odds 1/24). None of them are exactly rare but as I gotten no doubles these boxes are likely well mixed. The figure themselves are cute(I prefer this style over the square headed pop figures) and they are pretty expressive. The figures are also in good quality. They are colorful, detailed and solid.

Series 2: This time I got Harry Potter(odds 1/6) and 2  of Ron Weasley(odds 1/6). It is unfortunate I didn't get Hermione as I would have loved to have a figure of her(odds 1/12) I do feel with getting 1/6 odds of getting a character in this series there is a much higher chance of getting duplicates(the highest odds in series 1 was 1/12). The figures themselves are in nice quality though between the 2 Rons there are obvious differences.

Series 3: I got 2 of Viktor Krum(odds 1/6) and a rare figure this time Draco Malfoy(odds 1/36). Draco is one of the 3 rarest in this Barnes and Noble exclusive version of series 3 the other 2 also at odds 1/36 is Gregory Goyle and the Basilisk. I also feel this series like series 2 with the higher odds you are again more likely to get doubles. The 2 Krums also once again have differences but they are slight this time.

I enjoyed opening all 3 series but I will say that series 1 seems to be the best in variety and character odds. I do like series 2 for the cute sorting hat figures it's just sad that I didn't get Hermione. Series 3 doesn't seem to offer much as far as characters and odds. Overall, this was fun and each series box is only $5 to $6 bucks depending on where you get it. If you're looking for a specific figure, I'd recommend eBay but not for unopened boxes as they tend to want to charge a lot for them. I have gotten series 1 and 2 from Amazon and series 3 from Barnes and Noble(if you notice series 1 and 2's boxes are in far better condition because from what I found out Barnes and Noble's shipping quality is not good). Let me know if there is any mystery boxes you want me to try, and your favorite mystery boxes! 

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