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Hell Girl- Anime Review

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

I watched the first season of Hellgirl a few times,times, butBut I've never reviewed all 4 seasons, nor have I watched them. I think many people can relate to wanting to punish people that make our life hell, but would you be willing to pay the price?


A site exists called the Hell Correspondence that can only be accessed at midnight. When you enter your target's name, you can send that person to hell but are you willing to go to hell yourself to exact your vengeance?


This series shows some of the darkest humans can be in our everyday society. It is not for the faint of heart due to how disturbing and realistic it can be on showing the tragedies. The first 2 seasons are great, while the 3rd season is where it starts going a bit downhill as it all takes place in 1 school. The 4th starts great again, but apparently they ran out of ideas so, the second half is just "best eps" shown again. If anything, I'd only watch the first 2 seasons as season 2 ends on a great note. If you can handle the darkness of people's hearts, dive into a world where you can pay a price to escape that darkness.

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