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Hell Girl- Manga Review

I love the anime of Hell Girl, so I got the manga to see how it'd compare. They often say the books are better than the show it is based off of, but I wonder if that is true for this series. The only way to find out is to login at midnight and ask the Hell Girl or read this review.


When you desire revenge and nothing else can help you where do you go? You go to a strange site at midnight and ask for the Hell Girl. She will ferry the soul of your tormentor straight to hell, but is your own soul a worthy price?


Amazingly when I looked up about the series more the anime came before the manga. Most often it is the manga first then anime. I do think the shoujo tone of Hell Girl manga makes it a more light version of the anime. This series does seem to follow the first couple of seasons, but missing some plot points as this series is more interested in showing you the stories of people who use Hell Girl for their revenge. I think the shoujo art style is a bit odd for an horror series, but it works. If you thought the tone in the anime was too brutal, then maybe the manga might fit your tastes.

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