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His and Her Circumstances- Anime Review

His and Her Circumstances is the anime adaptation of Kare Kano. This anime is a short romance comedy at only 26 eps, so it doesn't take forever to watch but due to technical difficulties again it took a bit longer to watch. I bought the complete series set on sale for only $10 at Right Stuf anime. Time for the plot!

Yukino Miyazawa is not your normal high school girl he has the top grades, great at sports, works on the student committee, and will help anyone out in a pinch. The only problem? This is all an act to get attention which is an addiction to Miyazawa. She will do anything to be praised, complimented, get attention.

Things were going great for Yukino Miyazawa, until Souichirou Arima stole the limelight after getting 1st place in the exam results and becoming class rep. With a new rival Miyazawa will have to work even harder to be the perfect model student, but it all comes crashing down when Arima finds out her secret(that the perfect girl act is just that an act). Will Arima keep her secret or is her life as the perfect student over?

I will be honest the animation gets so low budget at times that it's just black and white still shots, otherwise, half the time its decent. The story is ok, I do find the many recap eps to be annoying and unlikely needed as this anime is only 26 eps. I found myself enjoying it at times as the characters are likeable but I feel if you want to watch this show make sure to read the manga too for the complete story. I will give this anime an 4/10 I was going to rate it a 5, but the low budget black and white stills and the ending being such a cliffhanger made me lower the score.

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