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Hozuki's Coolheadedness- Anime Review

Did you know there are workers in hell and it's more than just deciding where the dead go? That Hozuki will teach us this Halloweenathon and what is Halloween without spirits and the underworld?

The Plot

Hozuki is the hardest worker in hell as he is Deputy Chief to the King of Hell. While the King is busy with the newly dead, Hozuki handles all the business affairs and it is a hell of work. The fact its hard to find good staff in hell also doesn't help Hozuki, but despite all the chaos he is as a cool as a cucumber. How does he do it?

My Review

The one joke of this guy not fazed by anything while chaos ensues only lasts for so long. I did enjoy the Japanese folklore and anime references, but of course that doesn't make a good anime. Easily, the best part is the crazy theme song that describes hell in a cheerful tone. Overall this anime was just okay nothing terrible, but nothing to really write home about.

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