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Cat Mystery Box from Etsy- Mystery Box Review

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

I'm not going to show the original box the items showed up in as it is just a basic shipping box(although did have a cute Christmas box inside holding all the items). Etsy is often a good place to find not only handmade items, but they even have a good amount of pet mystery boxes. The seller I got this box from they sell mostly art, and vintage items so how does that translate to a $22.49(got it at a 50% off sale original price is $45) cat mystery box? Let's find out!

Despite coming from an place that sells art and vintage this box is neither and full of simple store bought items. I don't mind this it was just not what I was expecting, the questions remain, will my cat's enjoy these? Is this box worth what I paid for it?

Cat Stocking- $6.98

I don't have a mantel or any place to hang this, so likely it'll be given to a friend.

Cosmic Catnip Groovy Gecko- $7.49

Me: My cats aren't a huge fan of catnip, so here is their take on it.

Sanders:*Sanders sniffs it for a bit then looks away uninterested*meh

Luna: *doesn't even sniff it and just stares at me as if I'm insane*

Me: This will likely go to my friend who has cats that like catnip.

Our Pets Play-n-Treat Balls- $3.40

Another treat dispenser toy to add to the collection as Sanders is a huge fan of treat toys.

Sanders: *bats it around until every treat is gone from the toy*yay treats!

Luna: *watches Sanders bored*oh I have to work for my food? no thanks.

Wellness Duck and Carnberries cat treats- $2.49

I like Wellness treats as they are grain free and small enough for treat toys. My cats never refuse treats so I know these are a hit.

Cats: *both run to eat every last morsel*

Spot Kitty Fun Bopper- $6.24

This toy would be great if it actually lit up as advertised but it doesn't.

Sanders: *sniffs it for 2 seconds then walks away after it bounced on the floor*meh

Fuzzy mouse- $.50

A simple fuzzy mouse that rattles and has a feather for a tail, unlikely to please my cats.

Luna: *sits there and won't go near it*

Sanders: *sniffs it and walks away*

Me: This will also go to my friend maybe her cats will like it.

Jingle Bell toy-$1

My cats won't even look at it when I make it jingle another toy for my cat friend.

Pet Buddies Bag Clip- $7.50

I have a pet food container where I keep my pet food in but I'll gladly use it for my chip bags.

Total Value: $35.60

Overall Review

This mystery box was a mixed bag, some items I liked, a few the cats liked but most of the kitty items were rejected by my cat critics. It is not anyone's fault my cats aren't into the items, but if your cat will likely be and the items all work then maybe give this bag a shot.

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