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Inheritance- Book Review

The, 4th and final book of the Inheritance Cycle is ironically called Inheritance. I'm looking forward to reading this book for the 2nd time. Is there any reason I never read it more than once before in all these years?

The Plot

The Varden during their Beladona takeover they discover an anti-dragon weapon the Dauthdaert which they can use to defeat Galbatorix's dragon. They also find new allies in the werecats who cannot only transform into a human form, but also communicate with normal cats which will help with scouting out new cities. Now with allies of every race do, Eragon and the Varden stand a chance against Galbatorix?

My Review

I loved the ending of this dragon sized series. I thought everything tied up nicely and the final battle was intense and unexpected. I think I just haven't gone back much to the series as there is always other things I'm doing and it was so complete in its ending there isn't much to think on after reading it. I fully recommend reading not only this book, but the entire series if you are a dragon lover.

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