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Inkdeath By Cornelia Funke- Book Review

We are now at the final book in the Inkworld Trilogy. The last 2 books were great will the ending be even darker and better than the previous entries?


With the Adderhead gaining immortality due to Mo binding him a special book, he sends his henchman to plunder the villages. Mo and his fictitious double, the Bluejay is the villages only defense. With the Book of Immortality unraveling, the Adderhead kidnaps all the children in the kingdom forcing them to work in the mines until Mo surrenders. Who can save this cursed story?


It is worth reading Inkheart and Inkspell just for the end of this amazing children's(middle school level is my guess) novel trilogy. Even though I'm an adult, I still love the ending except for one tiny detail, but I can overlook that. Inkdeath is a great ride from start to finish as it slowly builds the tension until the end that takes place in a whole new location not seen in previous installments. If you're a child or an adult that loves fantasy I highly recommend the Inkworld Trilogy.

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