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Inkheart By Cornelia Funke- Book Review

It is time to start another novel series, The Inkheart Trilogy. Inkheart is one of my favorite books though I haven't read it in a long time. I relate to this book as I'd get lost in a book and wish I could go to that world. While this book is meant for younger readers, I think it may be good enough to read when you're my age. Will this book remain a long time favorite?


Meggie's father read aloud from a book and brought out the villain of the story right into their living room. Now,Now Meggie is caught between fact and fiction because of her ability to read things from books to reality. She must use this power to right the wrongs in her own story.


I still like this book it starts out slow, but the build up and pay off is great. My favorite characters are Meggie and Dustfinger for completely different reasons. The power to bring characters in and out of books is amazing, and I like how it shows the downsides of doing so. I only wish the cover of the book was the cover of Inkheart inside the story as well, with the black heart and flames. If you ever wanted to bring your favorite characters to life then Inkheart is for you.

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