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Inkspell by Cornelia Funke- Book Review

After reviewing Inkheart a book on bring characters out into reality, let's read the reverse in the sequel Inkspell. Is the sequel better than the classic Inkheart?


A year has passed since Capricorn was defeated, but Meggie thinks of Inkheart every day. Dustfinger, who had the last known copy of the story, finally managed to get back to the story, leaving Farid behind. Farid then searches for Meggie to reunite with Dustfinger and both of them end up in Inkheart as well. The two discover that Inkheart has changed, but is it for the better?


I love that we get to experience the world of Inkheart this time instead of just meeting some characters from it in the real world. The world of Inkheart is full of fantasy, mystery, and danger. The world seems to have changed the characters we know as they go through new things. This story doesn't have as much as a happy ending as the last one but it does set itself nicely for the sequel. If you wanted to see what the world in the book was like then read this world of words.

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