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James Potter and the Crimson Thread- Book Review

We are nearing the end of the Harry Potter Reviewathon with the final book in the James Potter series, unfortunately there was not 7 like in Harry Potter. This book does happen in James's 7th yr so at least there is that.

The Plot

It is James's final year at Hogwarts and with the Vow of Secrecy crumbling to near nothing the 2 worlds may have no choice, but to join. Petra has finally come up with a plan to assume the crimson thread in another dimension to save this world, but will James stop her, despite the cost to the world?

My Review

This is the best, but it should be as it is where the series all ends. I won't spoil the ending, but it's bittersweet. As, sad as it is that there are not 7 books I feel this book ends it perfectly. If you liked my James Potter reviews then start from the beginning to read this story in its entirety.

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