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James Potter and the Curse of the Gatekeeper- Book Review

James Potter and the Curse of the Gatekeeper is the second installment in the James Potter series. This is also the second review for the Harry Potter Reviewathon(decided to combine the words review and marathon). If you wish to see last years, Harry Potter reviews simply check out my Harry Potter section. What's in store for James's second year at Hogwarts?

The Plot

James after an exciting first year is ready to buckle down and enjoy normal school life. Unfortunately, after failing Quidditch tryouts again, Zane having moved back to America, and having his brother Albus in Slytherin things aren't going as well as he hoped. James has no time to dwell on that however as an ancient evil has revealed itself as The Gatekeeper a shadowy being from the void that may have noticed Merlin when he appeared in James's time. The key to the being is one called the Bloodline who may be related to Voldemort who is it and what their connection to the Gatekeeper? James must find out before the Gatekeeper is fully released into the world.

My Review

I find this one to be a great follow up to the previous book. This book is eerily like Harry Potter book 2, as it stars the Chamber of Secrets, a girl gets taken there to die to bring back an evil being and the girl that is taken is the daughter of the one who was taken in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I do like the side characters get more fleshed out. Strangely, before the Cursed Child did it Albus was sorted into Slytherin while James is in Gryffindor. If you liked the first one and loved Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, this book is for you.

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