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James Potter and The Hall of Elders' Crossing- Book Review

It is time once again for Harry Potter's Birthday Review Marathon. Last year, I reviewed the main Harry Potter series, Lego Harry Potter for the DS, Hogwarts Library Collection and even food and blind boxes. This year, we'll be reviewing the series which made Potterheads think JK Rowling was continuing the series with Harry's son under a pen name. James Potter is a fan fiction novel series which tries to continue the story starring Harry's first son.

The Plot

James Potter has a lot to live up to when your father is the famous Boy Who Lived and defeated Lord Voldemort. The Daily Prophet doesn't help when they boast to the world he is arriving at Hogwarts and explaining he is big shoes to fill. James once at school and sorted into Gryffindor joins the gang called the Gremlins lead by Ted Lupin who like to spend their time messing with muggles.

He also befriends a Ravenclaw named Zane and a Slytherin named Ralph who are both muggle born and don't know much about the famous scar bearing father. Between having the Slytherin house plotting to dishonor his dad by defending the Dark Lord, the American Wizards being more then they seem and a strange man taking pictures of Hogwarts, James has a busy 1st year at Hogwarts.

My Review

I really enjoyed this ebook and I find it fairly accurate to the Harry Potter world. Lippert does add things like connecting science to magic and having an American school(this came out before cursed child and the Fantastic Beasts movies), and a different take on ghosts. I find this book to be a good continuation of the Harry Potter series even if the author is not the same. I wouldn't except it to be exactly like the Harry Potter series but if you can allow a slightly different take and on Harry's son James then I'm sure you'll like what you read.

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