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James Potter and the Morrigan Web- Book Review

Harry Potter Reviewathon shall keep going for a bit longer, sorry folks. There is much to read and review this time. James Potter and the Morrigan Web is the 4th entry into the series and like the 4th Harry Potter book it combines many schools.

The Plot

After the events of "The night of the Unveiling" James is looking forward to going back to Hogwarts, but some things are never the same. James is now having classes in 4 different wizarding schools, and in 4 different time zones. Unfortunately, the usual looming threat to destroy not only the Magical world, but the Muggle world has revealed itself as the Morrigan Web. This time, mere friends won't be enough, he may need The Order of the Phoenix.

My Review

I enjoyed this book in the series as well, but I don't care for how they changed Dumbledore's past just to make a villain backstory. The book was nice in how even sometimes our heroes can make big mistakes and there is no shame in asking for help from even adults(the previous ones touched on it briefly at times). It is nice having Harry, Ron, and Hermione even as adults trying to save the world., with the help of their kids.

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