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Japan Crate December 2018- Mystery Box Review

Japan Crate is a subscription service where you get snacks, candy, and a drink straight from Japan(not kidding the box came from Japan with a shipping label stating so). The boxes come in 3 sizes Mini(5 items for $12 a month), Original(10 items for $25 a month) and Premium(18-20 items for $35). The crate I have is the Premium(side note: box was to come with 18 items but I only gotten 16 probably due to a packing error, and I contacted customer service on it). Let's open this crate to see what is inside!

As you can see, this box is stuffed full of items. To make this review more organized I shall be sorting them by tier level, Mini, Original, and Premium due to the crate guide that came in the box(the card on the back of the box in a picture).

Mini Tier Level- These are the items you would get for the mini box level(5 items for $12 a month)

Tohato Corn Caramel- caramel coated puffed corn snack

Review: If you like caramel popcorn but not a fan of husks then this is a great snack.

Chocolate Christmas Umaibo-MISSING

Princess's disappearing treasure- cookie with strawberry and blueberry jam

Review: A nice soft cookie with hints of berry flavor makes this a sweet treat indeed.

Chocolate Waffle

Review: The waffle is pretty dry but the chocolate is nice and creamy.

World of stars- sugar stars

Review: These are basically tiny bits of rock candy, sweet and crunchy.

Original Tier-You would get these items and Mini tier items if you subscribed to Original Tier(10 items for $25 a month)

Doutor- Coca toast chips from a Japanese coffee roaster

Review: While the chips are sweet with cocoa flavor they are dry I'd recommend having a drink with these to help with the dryness of these chips.

Waku Waku Animal Soft Candy- make it yourself mello pop kit

Review: It was fun making the cute animal candies and they were tasty to boot!

Christmas Fue Ramune Family Pack- MISSING!

Cola Gum- Coca-cola flavored gum

Review: The gum tastes just like drinking a coke unfortunately the flavor is short lived.

Christmas Fugashi- chocolate coated puffed rice cake

Review: Crispy on the outside and soft inside makes this a sweet but interesting snack.

Premium Tier- You would get these and all previous tiers if you subscribed to the Premium Tier level(16-18 items including a drink for $35 a month)

Potecopizza: Christmas Edition- Pizza flavored ring chips Review: They taste similar to the pringles pizza flavored chips only in ring form.

Koala March: Mystery Flavor- creme filled cookies Review: My guess for the flavor is coconut but I'm unsure either way it tastes good.

Ootama Chocolate ball- white chocolate balls Review: The candies are white chocolate coated peanuts and they are just as tasty as they sound.

Chocolate and Milk flavored Cream Cake Review: This small cake is sweet and filling with a great mix of chocolate and cream.

Dragon Ball Gum Review: The gum was pretty basic in flavor and texture.

Strawberry Cream Roll Cake Review: These were basically strawberry kit kits but they were good.

Sumikko Gurashi Gum Review: The gum was nice, but I can't describe the flavor, and the gum package came with cute stickers.

Jelly Sparkling Star Kirby White Grape Soda-jelly filled sparkling white grape soda Review: The white grape soda was great, but I don't care for having solids in my liquids.

Overall Review Considering you get 16-18 items for $35 that is less than 2 bucks an item so while I couldn't do a value check for this box it is a great deal if you want to try Japanese candy straight from the country.

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