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Japan Crate January 2019- Mystery Box Review

I'm back with another review for Japan Crate the subscription box where you can get candy, snacks, and a drink straight from Japan. The boxes come in 3 sizes Mini(5 items for $12 a month), Original(10 items for $25 a month) and Premium(18-20 items for $35). The crate I have again is the Premium level, but like last time we'll review the items by tier levels starting with the Mini level.

Mini Tier Level- These are the items you would get for the mini box level(5 items for $12 a month).

Parmesan Caesar dressing flavored corn chips

Review: I like the cheese taste but I'm not a fan of Caesar dressing, although I did manage to finish the bag.

Maple Hot Cakes- mini pancake sandwiches filled with maple cream

Review: These taste just like pancakes with maple syrup, and I love them.

Doraemon Gum- Marble soda flavored gum

Review: It tastes like coke, and even fizzes a bit in your mouth. Unfortunately, the flavor is gone quickly.

Mochi Choco- chocolate covered mochi with almond filling

Review: This is the first time I actually enjoyed mochi as I mostly don't enjoy the weird jelly texture they get.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Gum- Grape Flavored Gum

Review: I like the grape flavor but again the flavor isn't long lasting.

Original Tier-You would get these items and Mini tier items if you subscribed to Original Tier(10 items for $25 a month)

Sleeping Grape- Japanese D.I.Y. Kit

Review: This kit was fun to do, but I also enjoyed eating the grape paste with sprinkles.

Fully Ripe Strawberry Genji Pie- Flaky pastry with strawberry cream

Review: The pastries are okay cold but best when warm when the strawberry cream is melted inside.

One Piece Gum- Grape flavored gum

Review: I like the grape flavor but, as usual the flavor doesn't last long.

Hello Kitty Chocolate Marshmallow- Marshmallow candy with chocolate filling

Review: Typical marshmallow candy that has a sweet chocolate filling.

Dagashi Shop Candy- classic hard candy

Review: I enjoyed sucking on the candy. I'm unsure what flavor it was but it tasted nice.

Premium Tier- You would get these and all previous tiers if you subscribed to the Premium Tier level(16-18 items including a drink for $35 a month)

Bag of Plum Candy- made from Japanese plums this candy has been popular in Japan for over 40 years

Review: These candies have 3 layers a tart outside a sweet hard layer then a chewy center. The tart layer was surprising but as I sucked on this candy I grew to love it. I also like that each candy is individually wrapped so it is easy to give to people you like and you don't have to eat the whole bag at once.

Puku Puku Taiyaki- Taiyaki pastries normally has red bean paste filling but this one has chocolate filling

Review: I liked the crispy pastry and loved the sweet and airy chocolate filling.

Persimmons Hi-Chew- These are made with persimmons, a soft fruit often served during winter that is said to bring good luck.

Review: These soft chewy candies have a nice sweet fruity taste and this is the first time I ever had anything with a persimmon in it.

Koikeya Pride Potato:Kyoto fried white soy sauce- Potato chips made with white soy sauce(made with wheat not soy).

Review: These chips have a nice salty flavor to them and are crunchy like kettle chips.

Pipe Chocolate- chocolate candies in a pipe shaped whistle

Review: The candies are like the sixlets candies, candy coated chocolates, and they taste similar as well. The plastic pipe does work as a loud whistle though.

Ultraman Candy- Grape flavored lollipop

Review: Just your average grape lollipop.

Big Marshmallow

Review:A huge fluffy marshmallow to enjoy!

Limited Edition 2019 Coca-cola

Review: The original coke in a collectors bottle not much to say on taste as it is just coke.

I enjoyed this box more then the previous one as it was filled with more exotic sweets I never had before. I love trying new food and Japan, thus, why I subscribe to Japan Crate! If you want to try new food and a fan of anime or Japan give this crate a try.

This is not sponsored all opinions are my own thank you.

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