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Japan Crate March 2019- Mystery Box Review

This is the 4th Japan Crate I'm reviewing and if the last one is anything to go by I'm sure this will be great. Japan Crate is a subscription box where you can get Japanese snacks, candy and drinks shipped straight from Japan to you. The boxes come in 3 sizes Mini(5items for $10 a month), Original(10 items for $25 a month) and Premium(18 items for $35). As usual we'll be reviewing the Premium size.

Mini Tier Level- These are the items you would get for the mini box level(5 items for $12 a month).

Rich Flavor Scone- Spicy noodle flavored

Review: This look like spicy cheetos. The first thing you taste is the noodles and then it kicks you in the face with the spicy. I can't handle spicy things so I won't be finishing this.

Hina Boro- Sweet potato snacks

Review: These snacks are sweet and crunchy. They don't have much of a flavor but after eating the previous snack they are a saving grace.

Ichigo Daifuku- Strawberry creme filled marshmallow

Review: The treat while small is nicely sweet and tastes great with the combo of marshmallow and strawberry creme filling.

Seedless Plum- Pickled Plum

Review: This is a classic Japanese snack so I'm excited to try this. The pickled plum tastes similar to the plum candy I had before. This is tart and sweet and the plum itself is soft and chewy.

Mochitto Strawberry- rice cakes with strawberry cream filling

Review: The texture is weird it is dry outside jelly and then cream making a weird triple layer of textures. I didn't care for the textures but the taste was nice.

Original Tier-You would get these items and Mini tier items if you subscribed to Original Tier(10 items for $25 a month including a DIY kit)

Doki Fishing Fry(DIY)- Grape flavored goldfish candy

Review: It was simple and easy to make but was definitely made with kids in mind as the powder is just pure grape flavored sugar. I still liked it but It was shockingly more sweet than I was thinking.

Suppamucho Plum- Honey Plum Potato Chips

Review: This has to be the strangest flavor of potato chips I ever heard of. While it is a strange flavor it tastes nice and sweet. I actually enjoyed this bag of chips with its sweet honey plum flavor.

Trio Mix- Soda Flavored Candy

Review: This candy is like a soft and chewy bottle caps candy. There is a nice fizzy taste with each soda flavor that makes it taste like real soda.

Sonomama Peach- Peach gumballs

Review: One of 3 is sour but it is only revealed when you eat them. The sour one was the third one I tried and it was a huge kick of sour taste. I love sour things so I was glad to eat the sour one.

Donguri Gum Cola- Cola flavored gum

Review: The outer layer is like a cola sucker and then in the middle is a cola flavored gum. The outer layer was better tasting then the center though.

Premium Tier- You would get these and all previous tiers if you subscribed to the Premium Tier level(16-18 items including a drink for $35 a month)

Code Vein + God Eater 3 Lanyard

Review: I don't own a PS4 so unlikely I'll ever play these games. I don't see the point in keeping this Lanyard and it's the first time I ever seen an inedible item in this box

Ninja Sword Gum- gumballs in a sword

Review: I like the creative packaging that looks like a mini sword. The gumballs themselves are basic gumballs in basic tasty flavors.

Kit Kat Momiji Manju flavor- maple leaf red bean paste cakes

Review: These are nice and sweet maple taste with some bean paste.

Yakisoba flavored Pringles

Review: You can kind of taste the Yakisoba sauce but it is very bland.

Sour Pepper Cola- Sour cola flavored gummy

Review: I like the sour cola flavor. It was a very good sour soda candy experience.

Noshi Ume Taro- plum vinegar, plum meat flavor on a fish fillet

Review: The second you open this it reeks of vinegar. I also tasted nothing but vinegar, It is by far the worst thing I ever had in a Japan Crate.

Sherbet Pero Cola- cola flavored fun dip with cola lollipop

Review: The dip is a nice fizzy cola flavor and the lollipop is a mild cola making this a great combo.

Sakura Coca-Cola-Limited edition decorated bottle

Review: Just your usual tasty coke

Overall Review

This Japan Crate had many strange items many good but one was horrid. If you are adventurous I'd try Japan Crate for unique and strange flavors.

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