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Japan Crate May 2019- Mystery box Review

Japan Crate is a subscription box where you can get Japanese snacks, candy, and drinks shipped straight from Japan to you. The boxes come in 3 sizes Mini(5 items for $10 a month), Original(10 items for $25 a month) and Premium(18 items for $35). As usual we'll be reviewing the Premium for the month of May!

Mini Tier Level- These are the items you would get for the mini box level(5 items for $12 a month).

Pizza-La Italian Chips- Pizza-La is the biggest pizza chain in Japan and they have their own chip flavor.

Review: These are mildly pizza flavored Doritos. I'm not a huge fan of Doritos so not a big fan of this.

Hamburger Gummy

Review: It was a simple sour gummy shaped like a burger but it was good tasting.

Star Precure Gum- strawberry gum

Review: A simple strawberry flavored gum.

Transportation Land chocolate

Review: They are candy coated chocolates like m&ms. They taste just like them too.

Transformation Glass Card Gum- soda flavored gum with eye mask

Review: The gum was ok but the eye mask was too small it was made for kids but it did look fun.

Original Tier-You would get these items and Mini tier items if you subscribed to Original Tier(10 items for $25 a month including a DIY kit)

Strong Garlic Butter- garlic butter flavored chips

Review: I like the garlic butter taste of these chips, they taste almost exactly like garlic bread.

Chocolate Kinako Mochi(DIY Kit)

Review: I loved the mochi dipped in chocolate and the beige powder. It was one of the few times I liked mochi.

Chocolate Umaibo- bite size wafer puffs filled with chocolate

Review: I enjoyed these as they are like a reverse kit kat. With the wafer on the outside and the chocolate on the inside.

Ice Stick Lollipop- fruity flavored lollipop

Review: I got peach and strawberry flavor and it also got cream flavor. This is a nice creamicle style lollipop.

Apple Soda Gummy

Review: This apple flavored soda gummy was pretty good.

Premium Tier- You would get these and all previous tiers if you subscribed to the Premium Tier level(16-18 items including a drink for $35 a month)

Pokemon Chocolate Egg- chocolate egg with a Pokemon figure inside

Review: The chocolate egg is just cheap sweet chocolate but it gets the job done. The Pokemon I got was Pyukumuku(I wanted an Eevee obviously).

Bake Matcha- Baked chocolate matcha flavored bites

Review: If you liked the matcha Pocky then you'll love this as it has more creamy matcha flavor then the pocky.

Fettuccine White Peach Gummy

Review: I'm not much for peach flavored things but these were so good I ate the whole bag in min. They have a slight sour coating on them that helps take the over sweetness of the peach down a bit so it made it better.

Dragonball Chocolate- chocolate wafer sandwich with chocolate cream and a sticker in the pack.

Review: The wafer sandwich was quite good and the sticker I got was Frieza.

Koala March Cream Pudding flavor

Review: Koala March is a classic snack and the cream pudding flavor is a great filling for this cookie snack.

Jalapeno and Onion Pringles

Review: At First I tasted the onion but then a huge kick from the jalapeno. As, I guessed these chips are far too spicy for me.

Koeda Purple Potato- purple sweet potato chocolates

Review: These taste good but its strange knowing the taste comes from a potato. Who knew sweet potatoes and chocolate mix so well together?

Coffee Jelly drink

Review: I hate coffee and I don't care for jelly drinks so its no surprise this is the worst item in the box for me. The coffee taste mixed with jelly chunks was revolting to me if you like coffee you may like this but to me it was horrid.

Overall Review

Despite the last item I enjoyed the majority of this box and still look forward to the next one. If you want to check out snacks from Japan this box is a must have.

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