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Japan Crate October 2021- Mystery Box Review

It wouldn't be Holloween without candy so lets bring back the Japan Crate for this holiday and see what sweets are in store. For those who don't know or remember

Japan Crate is a subscription box where you can get Japanese snacks, candy, and drinks shipped straight from Japan to you. The boxes come in 3 sizes Mini(5 items for $23 a month), Original(10 items for $36 a month including a DIY kit), and Premium(18 to 20 items for $50 including a drink, DIY kit and a bonus item). The prices have gone up since COVID as before you could get a Premium for $35, though crates did not have bonus items in every crate.

Mini Crate Items

Vampy Caramel Corn- caramel puffcorn

I enjoy puffcorn so these were a nice treat with cute ghost shapes.

Halloween New Mochitaro- salted rice crackers

These are good salty crispy crackers, not much else to say.

Mini Rumando- crispy cookies covered in cocoa cream

Very light taste of cocoa but the cookies are more flaky then crispy but they are good.

Vanilla Angel Pie- vanilla marshmellow in between 2 biscuits and covered in chocolate

It tastes like a soft smores so very good.

Chocoball Puttit Pack- chocolate covered peanuts

Not much to say taste exactly like they are.

Original Crate Items(also includes the above mini crate items)

Aerial chips- Chips with 4 flaky layers

These chips are great as they are salty and flaky so it's not quite like eating a normal chip as these taste lighter.

D.I.Y Hanakappa Tusbu Tusbu Drink- Make your own grape tapioca jelly with this kit

It didn't make a jelly. It made a fizzy grape soda with pink bubbles in it. It tasted good though.

Monster Peco Chan Sucker- assorted suckers

I had the blue one and it was blue raspberry which is the only flavor not listed. For a mystery flavor it wasn't much of a mystery. I love blue raspberry though so it worked out.

Happy Halloween Fugashi- Fried wheat snack stick with brown sugar

The flavor is a bit off to me but by the time I finished eating it it was merely okay in taste. The texture was nice and airy though.

Monster Party Gummies- monster and creepy things shaped gummies

I got a green and yellow spider that turned out to be lemon lime flavor which was good. I also got a nearly black bat which was grape flavored and was also good. i'm a huge gummy fan though.

Premium Crate (also includes both mini and Original items a mystery item and a drink)

Orange Fettuccine- orange gummies shaped like pasta and have an al dente chew

These are nice chewy tangy gummies. These are one of my favorite gummies as I had their brand before but I don't think it was orange from a previous Japan Crate.

Kiechau! Candy- Color and flavor changing hard candy

I loved these as one of my favorite candies is ever-changing gobstoppers. I just enjoy sucking on candy and taste the different flavors. This bag will be fun to finish.

Alphabet Chocolate- Bite sized chocolate treats with letters on top

These were nice semi-sweet chocolates, not much else to say.

Mini-bit assortment- chocolates with surprise fillings inside

The first one was chocolate filled with an airy chocolate creme, that was nice and sweet. The second was chocolate will strawberry creme on top, even better tasting.

Halloween Marshmallow- marshmallow with custard filling

A nice fluffy marshmallow with a light custard filling it was a light tasting treat.

Disney Choco treat bag- mini box of chocolates printed with Disney characters

Nice milk chocolate taste to these cute chocolates.

Bonus treat: Dark Green kit-kats- bitter japanese matcha kit kats

These were more bitter than the last matcha green tea kit kats I had, but they are okay.

Drink: Corn soup- soup in a can with crispy corn and hokkaido cream

It tasted just like extra creamy creamed corn it was pretty good. It was just werid that this was considered this months drink.

Extra Bonus- Jiji mini puzzle

It was easy to put together and sits on my manga shelf now.

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