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Japan Crate: Sakura Box April 2023- Mystery Box Review

Japan Crate is an mystery box which is full of Japanese snacks, and treats. All boxes also come with a theme and a drink. This ones theme is Cherry Blossoms. Lets see whats in store for this month.

Far Left: Strawberry Wheat Chocolate

These had an nice wheat and strawberry taste.

Upper Far Left: Gundam the Witch from Mercury Tomato Snack

I love these savory snacks that are full of flavor.

Lower Left: Grape Soda Gummy

Not very fizzy, but was good.

Middle: Snack sticks with 11 veggies

As expected these are good savory sticks.

Upper Middle: Pure Potato Butter and Rock Salt

Salty and savory and flavorful chips.

Lower Middle: Bisco strawberry mini pack

These biscuits were light on the flavor, but great at the same time.

Right: Whistle Candy

These were like Smarties, which is a good thing.

Far Right: White Chocolate Asparagus

As weird as these seem they were delicious, Id eat them again for sure.

Upper Left: Strawberry Pocky

These Strawberry chocolate pocky were heaven.

Lower Far Left: Petite Donut Biscuit

These were bland and didn't taste much like anything.

Lower Left: Fruit Donut Gummy

fruity and peachy what more could you ask for?

Middle: Strawberry Roll Cake

Very soft but little flavor.

Lower Middle: Mini Peach hard Candy

These taste just like a fresh peach.

Right: Strawberry Marble Gum

These are fairly flavorless and bland.

Upper Right: Fish Chew Sticks

I didn't like these at all, though i rarely like fish flavored things.

Far Right: Fermented Rice Drink

This was surprising good and sweet.

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