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Jubei-Chan The Ninja Girl- Anime Review

The Final Boxu-Chan review from the Deluxe box. This is the second complete series I got in the Deluxe box. I will be reviewing both seasons of this series. According to Boxu-Chan, I got this due to the fact I like action, fantasy, and comedy. This is another 90s anime, but hopefully it makes more sense than the Samurai.


When Jiyu puts on the lovely eyepatch, she becomes the reincarnation of Yagyu Jubei a legendary samurai. Now, she must defeat Jubei's enemies balancing her school life and ninja life.


This series starts out stupid silly nonsense, but it gets better. There is still plenty of comedy, but the characters, action and tragedy really shine through. This has become one of my favorite samurai and ninja titles. If you like ninjas, samurais, and comedy don't write off this story as history.

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