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Kakuriyo- Bed and Breakfast for Spirits- Anime Review

I'm sure by now you know by reading my reviews for last month during my Favorites Showcase, I love anime with Yokai/Ayakashi. I find the Japanese spirits to be interesting and often the surrounding story is great.

The Plot

Aoi a hard working college student who lives alone after the death of her grandfather can see ayakashi. One day, she finds a masked one sitting at some shrine steps and gives him food only to be kidnapped by him. The akayashi named Odanna is the master of an inn in the hidden realm(the world of akayashi) and states that her grandfather owes him money and as collateral he promised Aoi to marry him. Aoi refusing to marry her kidnapper elects to work off the debt.

My Review

Kakuriyo is an enjoyable anime as it has many twists and turns and goes where you least expect it to at times especially at the end. I love the main 3 charaters Aoi, Odanna(the orge), and Ginji(the nine tailed fox), and even the minor ones have personality. This anime is full of cooking, strange characters, and yet it has a slice of life tone to it. I give this anime an 8/10.

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