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Kamisama Kiss- Manga Review

Kamisama Kiss like my previous review of Natsume Book of Friends is set in both the human and youkai world. Unlike Books of Friends, though this is a romance comedy between an youkai and a human.

The Plot

Nanami Momozono lived with her father who is unemployed and left due to his gambling debts. Once he left the debt collectors kicked Nanami out of her tiny apartment leaving her homeless. A strange man appears and says if she wishes to have a home she can go to a shrine in the forest.

When Nanami arrives, at the shrine she is greeted by Tomoe a fox yokai who is the shrine's shinshi(a servant of thre kami/god- of the shrine) who at first rejects Nanami as the new kami of the shrine(which the stranger granted her when they met). Unfortunately for Tomoe, he has no choice once the shinshi contract is established between the 2 of them. Tomoe must now show Nanami the ways of being a kami of the shrine and Nanami must show him the ways of humans in order for these 2 to get along.

My Review

I couldn't stop reading this series and reading 25 volumes still took awhile. I love the relationship between Tomoe and Nanami and both the humans and yokai characters were interesting. The world of the kami and yokai was interesting and showed how they influence the human world from their shrine. If you wish to see a fun romance comedy between a human girl and a fox yokai then this is the story for you, I give Kamisama Kiss a 10/10.

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