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Karin/Chibi Vampire- Anime/Manga review

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

The Karin anime series is based off the Chibi Vampire manga series. The anime does change many things from the manga so maybe that's why they didn't want to keep the manga name. Karin is supernatural, romance comedy on a vampire falling for a human.

The Plot

Karin Maaka comes from a family of vampires, but she isn't a vampire herself she is what is called an "umvampire", she injects blood, instead, of sucking it. Most of the time Karin can live a pretty normal life due to the fact she isn't affected by sunlight but if she doesn't inject her blood into someone the excess blood comes out in nosebleeds!

Kenta Usui transfers to Karin's school, and the chaos starts from there as Karin's blood keeps increasing around him, often resulting in explosive nosebleeds. Karin finds out that the reason her blood increases around Kenta is due to her blood affinity which is unhappiness, how embarrassing! (Vampires in this world have a blood affinity that is often a personality trait like liars, stress, and pride and when that victim is sucked they lose that trait for a short period.) On top of Kenta, being the cause of her blood increasing he found out her secret of being a vampire so Karin makes him a deal that she'll give him bento boxes(boxed lunch) every day in exchange for him keeping her secret. Will the Operation: Bento be success?

My Review

This anime is so much fun! I love the characters, the comedy, and even some of the romance. Karin is a great anime to sink your teeth into(ah puns) and at only 24 eps you can easily binge watch this on a weekend. I will give this anime an 8/10 for having a nice spin on the vampire folklore, and even being creative on how it differs from the manga. If you have read Chibi Vampire, love romance comedies, or just want a good time check out Karin!

The Manga-10/18/18

The manga Chibi Vampire as I have stated is vastly different from the anime. There is different characters, and the main plot ends up completely different. The anime may have been inspired by the manga but while the anime took a lighter tone the manga ended up more tragic. I'd recommend if you have seen the anime to read the manga as the overall experience is completely different.

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