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Kinder Joy (The USA Version of Kinder Surprise) - Review

Kinder Joy is the American Version of Kinder Surprise. The main difference is how the egg itself is formed, in the Kinder Surprise it is a hollow white and milk chocolate egg with the toy inside. Kinder Joy on the other hand the treat is on 1 half of the egg and the toy is on the other. The differences are due to a law that passed stating food cannot conceal non- food items as a risk of choking(probably due to the wonder ball). I got 3 of these eggs and I plan to review the treat and the toys. We will review the treat side first:

The treat side of a Kinder Joy is chocolate creme on the bottom(you can't see it), vanilla creme on top and inside the creme is 2 chocolate wafer balls. The chocolate creme is a sweet creamy milk chocolate, the vanilla the same but vanilla. Chocolate wafers remind me a bit of a chocolate truffle version of wafer sticks. The treat gets a full pass in my book.

The toys while tiny plastic things are a bit interesting. I gotten 2 finger stakes where you put your fingers in the roller blades and stake on a flat surface. I have also gotten a rubber band car where if you click it speeds off on its own due to being flung by the rubber band. For toys in candy, the toys get a big pass I was thinking something like crackerjack "surprises" that are just cheap paper things.

I will say if you like a nice sweet treat and a toy in one the Kinder Joy is a good choice. The Kinder Joy gets an 8/10 for the creative toys, and the sweet treat for a low price.

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