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Kirby: Mass Attack- Nintendo DS Review

I love Kirby, so it's time to see pink with another Kirby review. This time is Mass Attack one of my favorite Kirby games of all time, but it's been years has my opinion changed after all these years?


Kirby travels to the Popopo Islands, whereas Kirby often does falls asleep in a field. Necrodemus, leader of the Skull Gang, uses his staff to attack Kirby, turning him into 10 Kirbys. The last surviving Kirby finds a star and flies to another island. From there, it is up to Kirby to regain power and defeat Necrodemus to change himself back to normal.


Unlike most Kirby games, you don't directly control the Kirbys. Instead, you use the touch screen to command up to ten Kirbys to follow you by tapping a direction to go, items to interact with and enemies to fight. By eating the fruit, Kirbys become stronger and can make another (ten in total). Some puzzles can only completed with a certain number of Kirbys to progress in the game and discover hidden items, like medals, which unlock mini games and bonus features.


This game, I didn't want to stop playing so much, I 100% completed it to unlock all the mini games by collecting all the medals. Its just so much fun to flick Kirbys to things, have them attack enemies and eat fruit. Of course, I love the traditional Kirby games where you have abilities, but this game is a nice change of pace. If you love Kirby but want to try something different, you will get all the Kirby cuteness and fun in this DS game.

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