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Kirby Squeak Squad- DS Review

It is finally time for another Kirby game. Kirby has been one of my favorite game characters since the GBA first came out. Kirby games, as always been fun for me and spoiler this one is no exception check out why I like it.

The Plot

Kirby got his strawberry shortcake stolen! After it turns out, King Dedede didn't take it, a pack of mouse thieves called Squeak Squad maybe behind this. Will Kirby get to eat his cake?


Kirby Squeak Squad plays like your typical Kirby game. You move with the D-pad, A to Jump and B to suck up enemies and use abilities. There are many abilities and some areas can only be accessed with the proper ability. Every level has 1-3 treasure boxes hidden your goal is to complete the level after collecting all the treasure. There are 120 treasure boxes to collect and each contains an item like an ability scroll, spray paint to change the color of Kirby, puzzle pieces to show art pieces, and items used to unlock hidden areas.

The bottom screen is your inventory you can collect bubbled abilities to save for later, treasure boxes and health items. There are only 5 slots you need to use it wisely. You must use the touch screen to select or move items in the inventory area.

My Review

This was a fun short ride and it was great to revisit it. I ended up making a second save file just for this review as I wanted to keep my first complete run through untouched(I did get all 120 boxes again for this review though). It was fun exploring the levels to get every box and if you want a fast paced Kirby game with exploration then you will like Kirby Squeak Squad.

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