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Kirby Super Star Ultra -Nintendo DS Review

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

Kirby Super Star Ultra is the remake of Kirby Super Star for the NES which I have never played so I won't be comparing the two. I will say my review of this maybe biased as I love Kirby games even though I'm not the huge fan of the color pink but Kirby is the one pink thing I love. I grew up with travel games(started with a GBC then a GBA SP, DS, and now my beloved 3DS) in a household where we couldn't afford the top shelf Nintendo games like Mario so Kirby games were easy for me to get as most used copies didn't sell for much.

Kirby Super Star Ultra isn't just 1 game this game contains 10 main games and 5 mini games so 15 games in 1! Are they all worth it? Let's find out!

1. Spring Breeze - King Dedede who stole all the food in dreamland it's up to Kirby to get it back! This entry is as it states a good easy breezy game to get you used to the gameplay of Kirby.

2. Dyna Blade- Dyna Blade(a big bird creature who lives in Dreamland) has destroyed the crops it's up to Kirby to find out why!

3. Gourmet Race- King Dedede challenged Kirby to a Gourmet Race a race to eat and run to the finish. In Gourmet Race, points are not only given for who finishes first, but who also eats the most.

4. The Great Treasure Offensive- Kirby falls down a steep hole into a cave full of enemies and treasure! Can you get all 60 treasures? (I have found 52 but it seems some may be easier if you play with 2 players)

5. Revenge of Metaknight- Meta knight has an airship called the Halberd can you take it down in time?

6.Milky Way Wishes- The Sun and Moon are fighting it is up to Kirby to get the Nova comet to stop this senseless violence! Kirby will have to travel to 7 planets to get the power to give to the Nova Comet so he can grant the wish of peace!

7. Revenge of the King- King Dedede declares vengeance on our hero for ruining Dedede's plans. Will King Dedede win?

8. The Arena- Kirby has to face all of his previous foes all in a row with no breaks and limited health can he win them all?

9.Meta Knight Ultra- Play all the main games(except Arena and Helper to Hero) as Meta knight as he speed-runs through them. Meta knight has not only has his sword but can summon a helper, cause a tornado and even heal himself. How fast can you go as our favorite anti-hero?

10. Helper to Hero- Similar to Arena but you play as one helper through the entire boss run. Can you survive with only 1 power at your disposal?

Mini games

11. Megaton Punch- Compete against your opponent in who is the strongest and can break the world in half!

12. Samurai Kirby- Are you the fastest Samurai? Compete in this reflex game and see if your faster than Meta knight!

13. Kirby Card Swipe- When you see a card that matches the ones to pick from a swipe it fast or lose! Whoever swipes the most cards wins!

14. Kirby on the Draw!- Classic shooting gallery with Kirby.

15. Snack Tracks- eat the snacks on the conveyor belt but don't eat the bugs or bombs!

I enjoyed all the games and like the fact you can finish at least a chapter on one of the bigger main games on a simple bus ride. This game is a must have for any Kirby fan! I give this game a rating of 10/10 for the great quality and quantity in one!

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