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Kobato- Anime Review

Once again, I'll be looking at another CLAMP work. I don't mean to cover so many recently, it simply happens the next one I'm interested in reviewing is Kobato from CLAMP. I will say this series isn't well known compared to the previous CLAMP works.

The Plot

Kobato is a sweet girl who must collect peoples "healed hearts" in a year time as a part of her contract. With the help of Loryogi(a spirit who dwells in a dog plush) she may be able to collect the people's hearts, so they can return to their true forms.

My Review

Par for the course on many CLAMP anime, this one has great characters and a heartwarming story. Kobato also features cameos from other CLAMP anime including, WISH, Tsubasa, xxxHolic and more. If you enjoy CLAMP anime then this is another one you should watch.

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