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Letter Bee/Tegami Bachi- Anime Review

I had a hard time deciding what to review for a winter anime review. It seemed fitting to do Letter Bee as it seems to take place in a dark world except in the capital city where there is artificial light. There is also things that fall like snow like the cotton, and the memory fragments.

The Plot

Lag seeing after witnessing his mother been taken away toward the captial city, is tied to a letter post with a shipping label. He is found by Gauche Suede an official Letter Bee whose job it is to deliver letters across the dark world of AmberGround while fighting off gaichuu(giant amored insects) that feed off the "heart" found in letters and packages. Gauche and his dingo(partner all letter bees need a partner) Roda deliver Lag to a relative who raises him.

Years later, Lag is now aiming to be a top Letter Bee and help deliver peoples precious letters. He finds a strange little girl named Niche who agrees to be his dingo and once declared an official Letter Bee he finds out about an strange organization called Reverse. Lag also finds out one of the people working for this enemy organization might be the Letter Bee who delivered him and inspired him to be a Letter Bee in the first place.

My Review

This is a great anime that goes in deph to the hearts and feelings of others without getting too sappy(though our main is a crybaby). There is a great mix of action, fantasy, and of course heart in this 50 ep series. I give this anime an 7/10 for being a small anime with a lot of heart(yes I know I used the word heart a lot, so does this anime).

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