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Library War- Anime Review

I remembered reading some of this manga years ago when recent events on book censorship are happening. It made me wonder what a world would be like if more and more books are banned, burned and censored. Let's take a look at a possibly in Library War.


In the near future of Japan the Media Enhancement Law was created to censor all books. To counter this the Library Task Force was created to protect the books in the libraries. In doing so the Task Force allows the people to read books freely. Iku is the first woman to join the Library Task Force and has a rough road ahead for her.


I loved that in this anime the Task Force does its best to not kill the ones destroying the books even though they have to use military force to protect themselves and the books. While this is a war anime it does have it's fair share of comedy and romance as the manga series is a shoujo. If books are a big part of your life then give this series a watch.

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