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Like the Clouds, Like the Wind- Anime Review

I got this movie years ago from back when I lived in Chicago. I knew nothing about it except the box art reminded me of Studio Ghibli films. Which isn't that far off as the character designs are done by a Studio Ghibli creator though this isn't considered one of their movies.


After the Emperor's death, Sokan was in trouble, leading to a power struggle. To place the crown prince on the throne, he must find a bride. Enter Ginga, an honest and lively country girl who is chooses to enter. Her innocence stuns the people of the palace walls, but can she hope to help save a kingdom from inside and outside forces?


Ginga makes this movie without her it would just be a pretty girl getting married during a chaotic time. The other girls and the new emperor can be interesting as well, but if you don't like Ginga(which I do) this movie won't be worth your time. The animation is good of course how can it not be, when assisted by Studio Ghibli. I find the villains uninteresting as their only motive for ending so many lives is simply boredom. If you like historical fiction with a charming girl then maybe this movie will be a little known treasure.

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