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Lives of the Monster Dogs- Book Review

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

While I'm waiting for Beastars anime to be released in March on Netflix the only legal way to see it, I decided to pull out this book off my shelf. Lives of the Monster Dogs is a book I never read, but the fact of dogs standing up like normal humans by use of technology seems interesting.

The Plot

The Dogs arrive in fancy clothing to New York in 2008, having been created and raised in Germany they retain its culture. They escaped to find a new life, but find interacting with normal humans difficult. A young woman Cleo Pira manages to get close to them and see the strange lives they lead and the disease that affects only them. When the dogs build their dream home they isolate themselves inside while Cleo gets to witness what may be the final days in the lives of the Monster Dogs.

My Review

This book while I enjoyed it is hard for me to describe. It makes you really feel for the monster dogs as this painful drama of a book plays out. I will say this is not a happy story, but a tragic tale of experimentation, rebellion, and trying to fit in a society that is alien to you.

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