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Love Stage!- Anime Review

This was a request I got during the holiday weekend so I decided to review it. Also,One of my favorite voice actors, Greg Aryes, also appeared in the dub so, I'll be watching the dub. I also think this may be my first LGBT anime I reviewed so this will be interesting.


Despite being in a family of celebrities, Izumi dreams of being a manga artist. One day, he ends up doing a commercial where Rayoma Ichijo falls for him at first sight. One problem? Izumi was dressed as a woman at the time so will love conquer misunderstandings?


I haven't seen many BL(Boys Love) but I liked the story and Izumi and Rayoma. It is a fun love comedy on obtaining your dreams, and picking yourself up when you fail. The other characters were a lot of fun too like Izumi's brother and Rei. I'd say the only con with the dub though was balancing the audio I had to turn up and down the volume many times to hear everything. If you want a love story between guys with tons of comedy then give this short story a shot.

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