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Lovely Complex- Anime Review

After the last review, we need something fun and cute to watch. I decided to pick an anime on an manga series I'm trying to collect. It is one of the few straight romance comedies I wish to own. Will the anime be the inspiration for me to finish the manga series?

The Plot

Koizumi is an unusually tall girl and Otani is an super short guy who wants to be on the basketball team. They are both unlucky in love and decide to make a bet on who will find love first, as each thinks the other is less likely.


As far as high school romance comedies go, it is pretty good. Koizumi and Otani are fun to watch, the other characters while also in relationships are supportive and fun in their own way. It's not often there is a short guy in a high school romance who is an love interest and not just a comedic side character. If you love tons of comedy, silly misunderstandings, and a love you can root for then give this show a shot. It shows no matter if you're tall or short there is love for you somewhere(I also do plan to collect the remaining manga for this and I'll likely review it when I have it completed).

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