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Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon- 3DS Review

I recently reviewed the new Luigi's Mansion remake for the 3DS and received this one for my birthday. I figured since I liked the first one so much we'll see how the sequel holds up.

The Plot

Professor E Gadd while studying the friendly ghosts in Evershade Valley witness's the Dark Moon which was the cause of the ghost's friendliness. With the Dark Moon shattered, all the ghosts turned hostile forcing the professor to hide in a bunker. Once he is safe he contacts Luigi to help him restore the Dark Moon so the ghosts of Evershade Valley will return to being friendly ghosts.


The controls are fairly similar to the Luigi's Mansion remake in you move Luigi with the circle pad. The new and improved Poltergust 5000 activates with the R button and is controlled by motion controls. All the ghosts mostly work the same way this time so not much for figuring out how to get the ghost to reveal its heart and just using the flashlight to stun it and then suck it up with the Poltergust.

What is new in the game is the mission style progression. To, save you have to complete a full mission which can take up to 20 min or more than some missions have much to do. You can't save by simply capturing a boo you have to complete the entire mission without dying and all collectibles you collected in the mission are gone if you die.

The darklight is also brand new to this game where you can use it to find hidden objects. The objects are all things boo's vanished using spirit balls. To reveal a hidden object you shine the dark light on it and spirit balls will come out. To keep the object revealed you have to suck up the spirit balls before they go back to the hidden object.

My Review

This is one of the most frustrating games I ever played, I also unfortunately didn't finish it I got to the 2nd to the last level where you have to beat over 50 ghosts on 1 health bar and on a time limit and burnt out. I wanted to finish it but after playing that level for 2 straight days I figured I did enough. I did not like this game as much as the first as at least the first didn't have bullshit levels like the one I couldn't finish. I mostly enjoyed my time until that level has even enough some levels were hard I still beat them with lots of patience and luck and even had fun doing so. I'll give this game a 7/10 for trying to be as good as the first but decided 20-30 min long missions or crazy hard levels were the best way to go about lengthening it(sorry for the review rant).

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