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Magic Knight Rayearth- Anime Review

Yes, I'm sure it comes to no surprise but here is another CLAMP work to review. Magic Knight Rayearth is an anime I'm sure no one would expect me to like a magical girl anime. Of course, with the genius of CLAMP at the helm I'm sure this series will turn out as great as I remember.

The Plot

Hikaru(the tomboy), Umi(no nonsense), and Fuu(smart and ladylike) are 3 completely different girls from different schools. During their trip to Tokyo Tower, they are all whisked away to a magical world called Cephiro. Their duty is to save the Princess Emeraude, the Pillar that holds the world together from the high Priest Zagato. With their magical powers, robots, and a cute guide named Mokona, they will need to save the Princess in order to return home to Tokyo.

My Review

I once again was blown away by the usual CLAMP charm and the great world building. I seriously don't know how CLAMP does it! This is a take on magical girls, it can be dark and twisted, despite its cute exterior. I will say season 1 is better, but you will want to watch the complete package to get the true ending. If you thought magical girls were nothing but cute, pretty and only for girls, this series might give you a second look.

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