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Mahjong DS games -Mahjong Journey : Quest for Tikal & Mahjong Quest Expedition -Nintendo DS Review

Mahjong is a solitaire game where you match titles in a 3D puzzle until all the titles are off the board. Most Mahjong games have a timer, and the quicker you beat the game the better. This game is easy to pick up and play, perfect for handheld consoles like the 3DS. Today we are going to compare 2 different mahjong games for the DS.

The first game we will be reviewing is Mahjong Journey: Quest for Tikal. I like this game a lot the adventure mode has 60 levels and each level has a different layout. Adventure mode also starts with a short comic stating they go to the 60 locations to collect the 60 tiles of Tikal. In adventure mode, there is also tile power ups that make it easier to finish the board. At the end of the adventure, there is another short comic stating the tiles unlocked knowledge and revealed a secret library.

There is also a classic game mode where you can pick from many different game modes and over a 100 layouts to keep you busy. You can also choose from different tile designs in both adventure and classic mode, from tribal to the classic Japanese inspired designs.

The second game we will review today is Mahjong Quest: Expeditions. This game's adventure mode is similar with 62 levels and has a comic. The game's comic is on a person who gets split into 2 halves a white clothed boy, and a black clothed girl, (yin and yang) and the comic progresses every time you past a bridge in the game. Unlike the first game, this one seems to add both titles that block your progression and power ups, so this game is more difficult for that.

There is both a classic and a puzzle mode the classic mode is with no power ups and puzzles are with power ups and each has a good amount of layouts. Unfortunately, there is no title design choices in this game, its all classic mahjong tile design.

In the end, they are both good games, but each for different reasons. If you're looking for an easier game I'd go with the Quest for Tikal, but if you're looking for more of the old classic challenge I'd go with Expeditions. I will keep owning both for more ways to play mahjong!

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