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Matilda- Book Review

I love the movie Matilda and for the longest time I wanted to read the book that started it all. Having read other Roald Dahl books like the BFG, I'm familiar with his brand of children's storytelling. You might be questioning why me at 26 years old is reading this book, but it is my life and my blog.

The Plot

Matilda is a brilliant little girl at the age of 5 and a half now only can she go to the library by herself, but she has read works by Charles Dickens. She can also do big multiplications in her head like a human calculator and you would think her parents are proud of her but they take no notice of her.

It is only when Matilda starts to attend school that she finds someone who understands her Ms. Honey her kind hearted teacher. Unfortunately not all is great, at Crunchem Hall Primary School as the school is run by the formidable Miss Trunchbull who despite being headmistress seems to hate children with a passion. It is up to Matilda to set things right at her school for all the kids who wish to learn without being thrown over a fence by their pigtails.

My Review

I liked the book, but I still hold a greater love for the movie. I did find it interesting that the ending was different and made sense it was so different. The book as a whole was a great read despite me being twice the age of the recommended age group for this book. I give this book a 7/10 and if you loved the movie then give the book a read to see where it all began.

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